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I know we are still rocking
the Newly Crack MTN Magic Sim

First of all,
tunnel guru is
currently rocking real hard
with this same etisalat
working with the following
configurations below.

How Can I Configure
My Tunnelguru

==>Open your tunnelguru
and configure it like this:

Server: Select any TCP

Server port: 80

Tick use proxy and input it
like this

Protocol: TCP

This simple configuration
powers all the applications
on your PC.

Where Can I Download
Tunnel Guru
Download it here:


Run and install it on your
flex until your bears
goes grey.


A real dude has
just developed a
browsing software for pc. I
have tested it & it is fast, it
opens every site and the
download speed is beyond
what mouth can tell.
to Ifycent2 for this mind
blowing free browsing
software. For your
informations, it also
streamline videos.
You just
need to test it yourself.

Download And
Configure it Like This

==>Download it here:


, run
and install it on your PC

==>Make sure you have
your etisalat sim inputed
inside your modem and
connect it to your PC

==>Open the downloaded
‘ICT Internet Surfing’
Software and click on

==ICT username and password:

==>Configure your browser
like this;

Manual proxy configuration:

port: 8080

Save and exit.

Can I Connect It With

Yes, just use the same
manual proxy configuration
as above on your IDM and
watch the downloaded
Your Comment is welcome!

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