It quite unfortunate that some people don't have the Idea of How to Mod simple chatting APP like 2go. but not too worry because we shall at it very briefly.
to start your modding you need APPLICATIONS NEEDED 2GO IN .zip format
=>download it in www.sharemobile.ro ~> BlueFTP ~> Class Translator or Advance Translator (download them all@ www.sharemobile.ro) ~> Mini Halo (download them @www.sharemobile.ro or any oda download site) Then Create a new folder & name it 2go_m0d STEP 2: Open blueftp,locate the 2go.zip,open it,press 'Menu' then scroll down,choose 'Select
All'. STEP 3: Now press 'Menu' again,select 'Extract selected Items' ,go back open ur 2go_ m0d folder then press 'Menu' & choose 'Extract Items Here'.Then wait for all the files to be extracted.Then exit blueftp.... Now,Open Class Translator & locate the following files, edit them to your taste and press Options, then Save & close. (NB:don't leave spare file) Changing '2go' & '(c)2go Interactive at Start Page ~> am.class Changing Welcome Notes ~> aq.class Changing Error Statements (Cannot connect to 2go Servers.....) ~>av.class 2go Login Page & Changing Words ~> az.class Changing words like 'Logging In','Reconnecting','Starting 2go','2go News' ~>Twogo.class You can also check this classes=>bb.class,c.class,n.class & edit them to your taste.... After Editing everything to your taste,exit your Class Translator. Now Open Mini Halo,choose 'File Explorer',
 now locate your 2go_ m0d folder,don't open it just press 'Options',then choose 'Compress Folder'. It will ask for new file name,edit and rename it to 2gov3mod-by- ur Name.zip, now press ''OK'' then keep pressing Yes then it finishes compressing,then Exit Mini Halo. Now,open blueftp,locate new_ 2go_m0d folder,open it and locate the 2gov3-m0d-by- YOU.zip rename it to _jar exit blueftp & rename it to .jar & test your m0d.... Dat's all Happy Modding Experience . 

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