This Is The Last Of It Kind in the world of MTN Magic. this post will give you a guide line on how you can quickly Activate your sim to browse free of charge in Either your PC or Phone Device.
Few days back, the Mtn Magic Sim which almost everybody was really enjoying was blocked by MTN.
Most people have been unable to browse for the past few days. But the truth still remains, you can still re-activate your Magic Sim back. Many has been complaining and rumoured that Mtn has employed new China Hacker to track down all Mtn free browsing Sim in Nigeria but their mission was not accomplished. They just succeeded holding it for just 2 days.
Am happy to tell you that Mtn Magic Sim is back alive! If your own has blocked you can now reactivate it and continue enjoying your unlimited free browsing.

Today am going to share with you two different sure method to reactivate your Magic Sim, just make sure that when doing that, you do not have 10Mb at your disposal. You can always transfer money from another Mtn line to avoid the 10mb stuff. Below are still the normal procedure because I activated 2 Sims for my people yesterday.

Method 1: To Reactivate Or Activate New Magic Sim [1 Hour Old Method Still Working]:
Load #400 recharge card on your line Send BBDay to 21600. Wait till you get the BB subscription message that it is active Send 2H to 131 to activate the 2 Hours plan Once the 2 Hours Plan is activated, and you confirm it Remove your SIM and keep it for 1Hour After the 1 hour, insert your SIM back to your device and start browsing. Mind you, once you send 2H to 131, you may not receive any notification that your 2 Hours plan is active but your money will be deducted. Just proceed with the next procedure.

Method 2: To Reactivate Or Activate New Magic Sim [8 Hours Method]:
Load #250 recharge card on your line Send 2H to 131, after that send 106 to 131 Remove your Sim from your phone and keep it for 8 Hours. At exact 8 Hours, insert your Sim back and start surfing and download for free Guys that is it. No long story.
But u need to knw that in d game of Magic SIM, risk is involved. If you can't risk it, don’t try it. So easy and simple but risky. Am sure one must work for you out of the three methods.

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