Airtel is becoming one of the leading telecommunication network providers in Nigeria. Some people prefer their network do to the fast rate of their connectivity in the net. Sometime we may want to browse with our Device Both Phone or Pc with Airtel but we don’t have the basic configuration setting for it. So today I have compiled the most recent and basic internet configuration setting for Airtel network users.  So to get Airtel Setting for Either Mobile or Modem for Pc Users follow the below settings.
1.      Go to setting and click on configuration setting in your phone
2.      Input the following correctly
.Profile Name: Airtel Internet
.Home page: airtel.com
.Username: internet
.Access point: internet.ng.airtel.com

For Modem user
If you are using 3.5G Modem or other single modem from either Airtel or other Telecommunication company made modem. Use the below settings
1.      Go to your dashboard or your modem software setting interface setting
2.      Go to tools
3.      Scroll to options
4.      Choose a profile name of your choice e.g Airtel Internet
5.      Use the following configuration settings
.Dial code *99#
.Home page: airtel.com
.Username: internet
.Access point: internet.ng.airtel.com
6.      Click save and Ok.

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