Hi, Thanks for visiting our blog today. Today I shall Briefly Exposed you with the Material You need to build a reliable Mobile Application that can get you started on your mobile programming skill and Expertise.
Sometime we may decide Mod some mobile and Other most use application but we don't know how to start follow the simple outline below to start your mobile programming.  
Firstly u need xplore and operaor any application of your choice.
U can download xplore from sharemobile.ro
Am here to drop many things i learn from one
application call the xplore ... I known many of you guys have or had about the
application and how it works. but if you have not here or use it before don't worry because I will Put you through in this tutorial 
Note:This  application is mainly for
symbain phones...

These are what you will need AS YMBIA PHONE YOUR
X-PLORE APPLICATION, and Any application of ur choice ... IF YOU HAVE THOSE 3, GINGER
then you are good to go but if you don't have it you may click here to proceed with another post.
Now let's go there
No 1 Mobile Programming /modding  Skill
 How to Change The icon of Opera
Let say u want 2 change the icon of opera mini .
Select the opera mini and openit with ur X -PLORE u
will see things like meta inf, a. Class, b.class e.t.c mark
all of them and press menu>>then file >>then press
extract to>> , then create a new folder and extract what
you marked to the new folder then wait for some time.
After that, go to the new folderu created and open it,
u will see them there then scroll down you will see
either i.png or icon.png if you see i.png go 2 d
picture you want 2 use and change the name to
i.png and if you see icon.png , you change d name of
your picture also to icon.png.
After that delete the i.png or icon.png in the folder and move or copy
your picture you rename to thefolder. After that,
mark all of them, then go to zip and press move to
zip. then move the zip to the folder you created.
will appear as file.zip then press o.k and wait 4 some
time. Your opera is ready, just rename to opera.jar and install it or send it to your Friends. 

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