Sometime we may want to carry out some urgent task in our system example connecting to the internet, designing heavy graphic etc but our system keep on hanging or not responding to our command
Our system hanging or not responding to a command is cause by several factors which include the following

Too much batch files clustering in the hard disk
Excessive installed program

Low Disk Space
Too much of created files and folders
Foreground program running
Low processing speed


1.Upgrade your system process
 We all know that processors is the central organ that control the main full functionality of the computer system and whenever you want to buy computer you have to check some several factors that is the system property learn more by clicking here and if we have a low processing speed in our computer it may lead to drastical reduction in the speed of the computer and it will in turn cause our system not to function properly.
To upgrade your system process your processor follows this simple step
Buy a new Processor either AMD or Intel
Hire an Expert that can installed it for you or you can even do it by yourself by following this steps
Loose the system case and locate the processor slot
Loose the Heat sink and the equally loose the old processor
After losing both the heat sink and the old processor  insert the new one you buy make sure you use zero insertion force while installing the processor and make sure the pin are facing were it suppose to face before you slot it
Install the heat sink and couple the system case
Restart your computer and you will see great improvement 

2. Delete or empty all files that you are no longer using
Locate a recycle bin in your computer it is always there at the desktop and right click and choose open go to file menu and choose empty recycle bin

3. Run Scan Disk 

4. Run Disk Defragmentation processors
Disk Defragmentation is use to fix some files that cluster around the hard disk . to run it follow the below step
Click at start button-point to all programs-locate accessory-on the sub-menu choose system tools and finally select disk defragmentation
Highlight the local disk and go down to defragment and click on it. Wait for some hours or minute or even second depending on your computer speed and make
Once it has finish it will report some files for you close it and restart your system to see how your system have improve in speed

5. Reduce the number of software installed in your system
6. Disable any foreground program example worm folder or other program that is of no use to you
With the above six simple step and other r things you can do if properly apply it will go a long way in increasing the general speed of your system. 

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