Good day Everybody this afternoon , I am going to share a very important trick that we surprise you. One week now or there about people have being complaining how MTN have block their Magic Sim. It is a very sad moment to any Guy in niaja who appreciate the value of free browsing. that tells you that noting last for ever it means that things can still change no matter how it lingers.

Today I am going to share how I receive 100MB on my Magic Sim Just when I thought to throw away the Sim. I mate A friend who was also a victim of this free browsing Sim who confide in me that MTN is giving out 100 MB to some number I doubted Him from the beging but he said that I have to try it by my self. So without wasting my time I hurry Back home and do tbis simple step he told me .

1.Slot the MTN Magic Sim you have

2.After Booting up the phone

3.Dial *559#

4. Go down to the message body and you will see 100 MB Data Bundle for you.

The only thing that may happen is that MTN give only few days for the MB to Last. I have almost Exhausted My own As I am writing this post. Enjoy your Offer while it last. 

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