When I say 'Relaxation is too much for the youth'...I mean it! Go through history, you will be amazed at the great works several people had done already when they were at our age.

As an Entrepreneur I couldn't have just brought out a whooping 2million naira plus to buy a Jeep for the fun  of it.I got to understand critically that 'things are being judge the way they appear'...

Since we at Smart Income Technology and Land Base Technology  developed and launched our various  Online Network System I have personally been involved in the marketing.

Because I know too well the potential of the application. More-so when I know in details the amount Enugu State University of Science and Technology paid the guys that created their web portal.

So as much as we have several websites online selling various program and designing several web portals for people the major target for  our business  has been Private schools, Colleges, Poly technics, churches, companies and Universities offline.

Here is the psychology of Africans most times... On several occasions when I go out to market our programs and services  to schools or organizations or to defend a proposal I get responses like the one below after the organization has indicated interest in it...


IF your existing clients paid you this amount you stated here  you would have bought a house in this PH or Abuja city na or You would have been driving a JEEP etc.

Though sometimes there are no hard feelings attached to the words o. Of course eye de pepper who wan pay money.

That kind thing! So them just they talk to ginger me too make I for reduce the cost of implementation.

But at some point I became uncomfortable because if 4 - 7 schools and organization admin could reason the same way then I need to change something.

What do I do?

I remembered what the book '48 Laws Of Power' stated, It says, things are being judge the way they appear. Parade yourself as a king and you will be treated as one.

Guess what?

Since I got my new JEEP have not spent a whole day in my office neither in my house because I know staying in my comfort zone can't change my life for the better...

And my prospects have been granting me more listening hears and attention. Because when I appear with my JEEP they envisaged me as a serious minded and BIG Business Guy.

Good news! I have closed more deals within the shortest period of time.

So the purchased of my JEEP is a wise business decision to enhance my business effectiveness. And it is already paying off!

Lesson learnt

- People will always prefer someone who they see with social proof of being successful at something to assist them in getting similar stuffs done than to use someone who is a genius but have nothing to show for it.

- Investment in knowledge and personality has the highest return on investment.

Are you investing in your personality? Are you investing in yourself?

For most youth the answer is 'NO'. Yet they still go out to spend their penny on 'Beer'...oh no! Am not condemning the act of drinking alcohol but not wasting your fund in it when you
don'thave an income generator.

After working for 'Mon - Saturday' I decided to relax somewhere. Sitting close to my table was one handsome guy consuming 'Origin' beer like water. As of when I noticed, he has drank over 6 bottles.

So I raised a conversation with him. Behold this dude has no work, not yet in higher institution, no handwork and not from a rich family.

In his words, big bro wetin man go do na. person fit get admission enter sch, work nor de. Abeg instead of man to de idle na so I de drink everyday o. Na my mumsy they find me small thing weekly when I take

they feel alright.

Suddenly his phone rang, he picked and said 'Oboy I de chill somewhere...I nodded my head because of the word 'chill'. It was then I knew relaxation is really too much for the youth.Imagine someone without work, no certificate, no handwork, no sound family financial back up could still open his mouth wide and say

his chilling somewhere...THEN something is wrong!

So this is a clarion call for U to go out of your comfort zone and

work things out for yourself.

It's time for you to place your priorities right. It's time for you to start investing in your personality.

For this is the only way you can change your story for the best.

It will be very bad of me to write this articles without recommending this

3 perfect investment opportunity you can make today.

Try the above investment opportunities and see changes in your life.    

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