Do you know that deleted files on your computers system are not always lost? The reason is that, all data on your computer are always stored somewhere on your hard drive even when they are deleted, you can still find them. Even when these files are not visible, you can still recover all the files that are either deleted permanently or moved to recycle bin using a very good data recovery software. There are quite a hand full of data recovery software out there you can use to do some computer data recovery techniques to get all your files back. All you need to do is locate them.

data recovery software for free

Have you ever wondered how the CIA, FBI, SSS, IRS or other secret agencies can dig into a computer system and get whatever information they want even after the hard drive has been purged? They make use of powerful data recovery software with the help of some techie geeks who knows how these data recovery software works.

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Most of the data recovery software I will share with you here doesn’t really require the services of a computer geek, they are simple to use and most of them are even free. But you can choose to upgrade it to enjoy more advanced features.

Here I will reveal to you how to recover lost files on your computer using one among the best lost files recovery software on the internet. it is not necessary you use all the data recovery program listed here. You should just choose one and use. All these software recover files even when your recycle bin has been emptied, or unsaved information has been lost due to a hard drive crash or reboot.

Even when your system has been reformatted and another Operating system installed, any of these data recovery software can do the job perfectly for you.

Data recovery software is said to be "the right tool for the right job". My HP Compaq motherboard spoils, I lost the system with some valuable information on the hard drive. I tried to retrieve my data on a new PC which I bought recently but alas, the computer told me the hard drive is corrupted.

What I did was just reformat the hard drive, get a complete version of Recuva data recovery software and got all my files back including the files I considered long lost on the hard drive. Quite a relieve! Am neither a h*cker nor a high techie geek nor a hard learned data recovery expert but with the help of Recuva data recovery program, I recovered my data easily.

Using any of this amazing software is as easy as counting 1 to 10 and can really save you a day.

Here Is a List of My Best Data Recovery Software.

The Best and Affordable Data Recovery Programs are
1. Recuva is a free PC version software that recover your deleted files with the support for FAT and NTFS file system. You can download it by searching the word 'download Recuva' on Google.com

2. Undelete 360 at www.undelete360.com also helps to recover deleted files for free. It is one of the best data recovery software that can restore files accidentally deleted from your computer, recycle Bin, digital camera, flash drive and other external devices.

3. MiniTool power data recovery software at www.minitool.ca If you have lost an entire partition and you want to recover it, you should use this powerful tool developed by MiniTool Solution Limited.

4. Wise data recovery tool at www.wisecleaner.com a freeware tool for recovering lost and deleted data.

5. PC inspector file recovery software. You can search this data recovery tool on Google, it is a nice one to have also.

6. Pandora Recovery at www.pandorarecovery.com

7. Glary Undelete at www.glarysoft.com

8. Free undelete at www.officerecovery.com/freeundelete. This data recovery tool is free but you can upgrade to enjoy other advanced features. Free undelete restores deleted files, including those removed from windows recycle Bin.
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If you have used any of these data recovery software listed above, please tell us your experience with them or you can suggest any one you think deserves to be in the list via the comment box below. Thank you.
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