Thanks for having time to visit our Website and welcome to a Brand New Year. Last year we sold a couple of Ebook on Money Making Principle which was bought with a lot of rush, you can still grab yours by clicking the below link :8 IN ONE FINANCIAL + WEALTH CREATION FORMULA
But this year we the team @ Land Base Technology   has come with another perspective. We have decide to bring to our humble readers from all over the globe our  All in One Blogging Principle and Online Internet Marketing Ebook that will get you started in your online career as a web Designer and Internet Marketer.

Some Fact
It has been obvious that some people have lost valuable some of money in search of how to create their online presence to fraudster who claims to help them in terms of establishing their online presences, don’t feel disappointed if you are a victim of online scammer. We the team at  LAND BASE TECHNOLOGY is passionate about your warfare and interest in IT that is why we have compiled these great EBook that can get you started in building up a successful online platform that can stand out from the crowd. Our last Ebook on How Can an Average Nigeria Make Close to 30000.00 Monthly Online or Offline sold like a hot cake in this website. This year we are rebranding our Mission of not only Bringing you an Ebook on money making venture but we have created this our All in One Blogging Principle and Online Internet Marketing Ebook which will make you to start your IT career in any state you are in Nigeria. So are you a Nigerian or a foreigner who wish to start your IT career on blogging and to know how the internet works, then this is a golden opportunity for you to grab this EBook that can make your dreams come through in building a successful online career. One thing about this eBook is it uniqueness and easy to follow up procedure, and note that you don’t need to have your own personal computer before you can create a website, the Cybercaf√© and your phone is enough for you for a start. We have work tirelessly for close to 1 full year to create the content in this Ebook. 

LINDA Of lindaikeji blog is making serious billion of Money daily in her blog with just a little effort she apply every day. She has make wave in information and Entertainment blog 
Jide Agunsaya Of Ogbengeblog.com is leaving thebig boys life right here in Nigeria because he believes in IT. Note that this guy is a Degree Holder in Microbiology, But he has choosing to be among top blogger in Nigeria. Making serious money right in his leaving room. 
DonCaprio is now know in the Blogsphere as a GEEK techie and he can attest to the benefit of blogging 
John Chow of Johnchow.com is best known as one of the world Billionaire who has found blogging to be his greatest source of income and Leaving.
The four individuals above and thousand other people including me is a human being just like you who has in one way or the other impacted and influenced this world positively through blogging and we never regretted ever doing it instead we drive joy on it and at the time make Money with it. this Our Website according to 2013 Record of Income Generated not less than 1000 to 2kin 2013. 

Who will need the Ebook
  1. A civil Servant who need to gain More Exposure to Technology through blogging
  2. A graduate or Undergraduate who wish to further his or career in Blogging and Online Biz
  3. Unemployed or Jobless Youth who wish to make IT his career
  4. A corporate organization who wish to go into full scale in terms of Blogging and online mentoring
  5. A student who wish to understand how the internet works
  6. A professional web Developer or blogger who wish to add more Extra knowledge and motivation to his existing knowledge
  7. A youth copper who wish to Establish strong online presence that can generate stream of income
Content of the our All in One Blogging Principle and Online Internet Marketing
To give you more clearer Picture of this our All in One Blogging Principle and Online Internet Marketing, we shall state few list content or table of content of this Ebook.
1.     Why you need to start blogging
2.     A-Z Blogging Set UP Guide in Blogger.com
3.     Blogging challenges and way out
4.     How to make money blogging
5.     Where to Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript
6.     Perfect Place to Submit Your Blog
7.     Traffic Generation Strategy that works
8.     All About Social Media
9.     Various Alternative to Google Adsense
10.                        Blogging communities
11.                        How to Organize Give Away in your Blog
12.                        Software you must have to become a better blogger
13.                        How to make 10$ Daily online
14.                        Best way to send and receive Money online
15.                        Precaution to take why transacting online
16.                        How to protect your credit card when shopping online
17.                        All about Internet Marketing and how to Join good one

This and more are the List of the Content and what is inside the Ebook. The Ebook have been Produce to help any person who wish to grow his IT career in blogging to master the Basic and Advance blogging Technique couple with other Online Tutorial that will put you in the right direction. Grab it now. 

Ebook Format
The Ebook Is Optimize in PDF Format which is Readable in Mobile and PC. 

How much is The Ebook
The Ebook cause just N6000.00 but N3000.00 , when you make purchase of the Ebook now  with N3000.00 you save N3000.00 Did I say you save 3k?, yes you heard me cleared. The original priced of this Ebook is N6000.00 but we are giving it out for just N3000.00 imagine getting this for just N3000.00 what a golden opportunity. We are selling this Ebook for just N3000.00 as a giveaway price just to help you To Set Up Your IT Career and this is a way through which we are contributing our Quota for national Development and to promote self employment here in Nigeria. The Price may change any time, so hurry up now to make your payment to avoid Delay.

How to Make Use of the Ebook
1.     Develop and use the Idea to Build up your IT skills
2.     You can use it to launch seminar, workshop in your Area
3.     You can use the Idea in the Ebook to Generate Stream of Income for yourself
4.     You will not seek for jobs again rather you will be employee of job seekers

Other Benefit/Bonus you will have when you make Purchase of the Ebook
1. We shall guide you throughout your IT training, how we shall be monitoring and supervising your progress through personal Phone Calls and other Means of Communication to make sure you are perfect on your own.
2. We shall equally introduce you on our various online community forums where you can rob mind together with likeminded people and where you can mentor you to standard.
3. You shall be giving our online Importation Guide free of charge as bonus Package
4. You will get 60% Discount purchase for any of our Subsequent or Current Ebook
5.You will get 40% Dicount handy copy on how to Make close to ($50-$100) a day on fiver
6.You Shall Be invited for Our Offline training where we sit Down and Rob Mind Together to move this country forward. (we Shall Network together to build A great IT Empire in Africa and in the whole World)
the Above Mention 6 Benefit are what you stand to gain when you get this Ebook. so what are you waiting for. is it that white cooler job. Don't be a slave to somebody.
people in this world like Bill Gate of Microsoft, Mack of Facebook founder, Larry Page of Google,and So many of wealthy people in the world was not working under somebody but they created a job for them self and they are employ people to work for them. 

I am Interested, How Do I other for the Package
Right now, we sell this Ebook to Contribute our quoter for national and internation Development, so if you are interested and you wish to have a copy of this Ebook 
Follow the below guide to have a copy of the Ebook. 
 After Making your Payment with  through Bank or Online . Send your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and the type of Ebook you Paid for to +2348136367446
Note: you must provide us with a valid Email Address because this is where we shall forward the package to.

Buy Online 
To Make Buy Online Click on the Buy Now Button Below.

Bank Payment
If you want to Make your Payment through Bank, send us your Email, the Ebook you want to buy as a text message to 08136367446. Once will get your text, we shall give you the account number where you will make the Payment (Sorry if this cause you any stress, it is for security purpose) . Make sure you send the text between 8:00 AM and 5:00PM. You can call us on +2348136367446 for more information. 

Scratch Card Payment Option
If you want to pay through Scratch, send us Scratch Card PIN Number worth of 3500.00 of the following Network
The reason for charging Extra 500.00 if for the Card Processing and Validation of the Card from our Reseller.  
· After payment through Our Bank Accout, send the following details below to, 08136367446
· Depositors Name
· Bank used for Payment.
·Number of E-Book paid for
· Bank teller number
· Correct and functional e/mail address.  Once the alert Get to us We shall forward the package to your Email You sent to us.

1.You Must Provide A Valid Email Address because we shall delivered the Package to the  Email you provide to us. 
2.Make sure you call our Assistance Customer Line on +2348136367446, once the payment is made.

Simple Payment Example Method To Follow 

Depositor Name: John Mike
Bank Use: Diamond Bank 
Number of Ebook: Ebook On Blogging and Internet Marketing
Bank Teller Number: 367678
Email: john@yahoo.com
Send  to 08136367446  

Once we verify your payment either through bank or Scratch Card We shall forward the Package to the Email Address you send to us the same day you purchase the Ebook.
The Guarantee we are giving you is that you will not regret ever doing Business with us. We are a serious minded people and we value delivery Service more than any other thing, our reputation is at stake if we don’t deliver as we promise you. We are committed to help you get to the top. You are 100% assured of Money back if you did not find the content of the information Appealing. Your success is our concerned and we strive to keep our word.

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