Sometime we may want to transfer Credit between our MTN line but we don’t know how to do it, so today I have decided to write a brief step on how to do it
Simple Step taken in Transferring your Credit
1.   Get the number you want to use in transferring the credit
2.   Go to message menu
3.   Type 4 set of Number you can remainder into 54 places. Example 2343 2343 2343 2343 and send it to 777
4.   Make sure you space those number while typing it.
5.   Once MTN has verify the above code they will Authenticate as your credit transfer PIN
Simple Step taken in Transferring your Credit
After getting Approve by the above procedure, then you can now transfer your credit as follows
1.   Go to your message menu
2.   Type the number you want to transfer the credit to, follow with your PIN, the amount you want to transfer and send it to 777
3.   Example to follow: 08136367446  200 3453  and send to 777
In the above Example the 08136367446 is Number I want to transfer the credit to the 200 is the credit I want to transfer while 3453 is my transferring PIN Code.
Note: you must space each Number, once the above steps is strictly taken you can now transfer any amount of credit from one MTN Line to another. 
 Happy New Year in Advance!

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