Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, It's unfortunate that Etisalat has ceased the BB10 daily plan that we are enjoying to power up their monthly and weekly BB plan to function on non BB devices, it is no more effective.

I was not noticing in-time because mine and those surround me are working fine then until I received mail and call  from almost 20 visitors on my blog complaining that they tried re-activating for the Etisalat Bis but it gave them tough times.
Some complain are from newbies that just needed to subscribe for the first time, but the 3078 is given and remains intact with browsing and many more related issues.
Others even went as far as calling the customer service that the Etisalat Bis isn't working on their Android device, after that there 15mb wiped off, each time trying to put their 3G data on, then an icon which reads like a sign into the network appears on their device.

I advice sum of my humble Visitor to contact Etisalat Customer Care Services, which He Did and now he is still flexing With His Own.

Those who can't make use of the 3Gb, I advice You call the Customer customer service for refund of Money.Tell them you wished to make subscription to Smartphone data plan and you mistakenly subscribed to BIS, they will attend to you and refund your money in the next 24Hrs.
Note: Be smart and know what you are going to say to them, best of luck.

For those who just want to subscribe, don't subscribe yet till we find the appropriate solution. Etisalat network is not in proper mood now. As for me and so many others. We are still blazing ours. My last 4days re-subscription remains 1500mb. Still flexing mine.

For those who are still using it to surf the net, please don't recharge on your Sim even though you get a message from them that your bis has expired, it will still be browsing.

Hands are on deck to bring out an Extra trusted alternative if this is eventually stopped or not.
Drop Your comment Lets Chart. I am still Here for any respond you wish to Me to help you out. 

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