Forget about brokeness as a student, Job seekers, Work-at-home-mom, Government workers, self employed.. No matter which of the category you are, it is time to Make real Money online in Nigeria, we have created a fast growing networking type that pays you up to 9  level deep, yes you'll get paid again.. again.. and again. So if you ever want to work once and get Paid forever 500naira earners is made specially for you. Work this week and get paid till you grow old. Bring your children in and they'll get paid till they grow old.

But How does it works?
The 500naira Earners network is an Online based Matrix program, design in 5 width and 9 deep, that is 5x9 , all you have to do is referrer 5 of your friends, family, co-workers, classmate, or children and when they join under you your leg is filled and now all you have to do is to keep guiding them to be active. Your Job is over, seat back while we keep on sending your payments after payments directly to your Nigeria bank account. They support all Nigeria Banks. And it cost only N500 one-time access fee to keep you getting paid.
What is the Pay Plan?
There payment structure is flexible and give room for development and Adjustment, but before you see the Pay Plan, 500naira earners send your payment without you requesting to be paid. they are not a bank so they don't keep your money, everything you earn is yours, for this reason, they are sending every earnings on Thursday, their Account manager check all active earnings on thursday and send it to your bank account. No waiting to be paid, No calling to be paid, No delay whatsoever, Get Paid automatically every thursday.

Pay Plan
The pay Plan below shows a Matrix of 5 x 9 and how much you will get Paid on each level. With only a startup capital of N500.
level # Unit Earning Total Earning
Level 1 5 20% N500
Level 2 25 10% N1,250
Level 3 125 10% N6,250
Level 4 625 10% N31,250
Level 5 3125 10% N156,250
Level 6 15625 10% N781,250
Level 7 78125 10% N390,6250
Level 8 390625 10% N19,531,250
Level 9 1953125 10% N97,656,250
Are you still here? You must be looking for the registration link now, but wait let's make some calculation, with only N500 you can actually become a millionaire within some years from now. But you don't really need to accumulate your earnings since the minimum payout is only N1,000, That means anytime you earn N1,000 above
you can withdraw earnings to your bank account.
statistics shows how there 5x9 Matrix works. You only need to complete that level 1. (Refer only 5 people) when they register and activate their account with N500 each, they become your active downline and build your income, everyone makes money on 500naira earners, everyone smiles to the bank and everyone is happy!.
  Before we show you the Link to signup on 500naira earners and start Making money, let's see some statistics. There are over 170 Million Nigerian and current  Nigeria Internet user Stats is 79,345,250 this is moving up every seconds according to InternetLiveStarts , The current Nigeria facebook users is 60,319,324  according to InternetworldStats, futhermore, statistics shows that only 0.005% of Nigeria Internet Users make money online these are few hundred thousands of people. Now you know the coverage, You know there are millions of people out there who are looking for a way to make money online. Remember that there are millions of people on facebook, twitter, whatsapp who are looking for a way to make money online and this are your target. You don't even need to introduce 500naira earners to millions of people, Just Select 5 of your physical or Online friendlist and refer them, it's only N500 once access fee to hit a million earnings. It's totally an irresistible offer.
So how does it feels to Spend only N500 Once and be able to hit some millions earnings in less than 6 months, oh! yes you could reach as much as 7 figures earnings in less than six month, let your earnings pile up each day and request to be paid any time you like.
So can you afford N500? No risk at all.. Everything is Profit. To Join 500naira Program Click Here.
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