If you are trying to set your default printer and suddenly you gets an error that “Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network”. In such situation you could not set your default printer, but you can print documents from notepad or wordpad but you won’t be able to print any document from MS Word, Excel or any other software program which select default printer for printing.

Steps to Fix Error 0x00000709

Also if you have tried reinstalling printer driver with no luck and Print and Scan doctor provided by printer company is not working then you need to follow these steps.
Step 1.  Press Windows + R Button together and you will get run box, type “regedit” in this box and hit OK.
open registry
And you will get Registry Editor.
Step 2. Now navigate to
Step 3.  Once you expanded the folder tree in registry editor Right click on Windows folder and click on Permissions.
Step 4. Once you click on Permissions options you will get a dialog box “Permissions for windows” Here check the Full Control under Allow option , Hit Apply and ok.
windows regisrty permission
Now close registry editor and Restart your Computer, after Restart you will not get error 0x00000709 again, you will be able to Set Your Default printers and can print any document form any software.

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