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As a programmer, building your own operating system will definitely be a tempting proposition. It takes in depth understanding of computers and you have to be a powerhouse coder. Here are 11 resources that will help in your endeavour.
Let's start with a simple Wikihow on making your own computer operating system before we move on to the more complex stuff.
This lesson teaches you to write and load a simple kernel module. This is what allows you to write standalone kernel code.
An operating system is built on a kernel. For example, Android is based on the Linux kernel. Learning to build you own kernel is an imperative for building your own OS.
This book is a complete guide on writing your own loadable kernel module. The book is available in two versions, one for Linux 2.4 and the other for Linux 2.6.
As the name suggests, this book teaches you how to write a kernel in the C Programming language. According to the book's introduction, the process is a matter of getting some details right.
Here you will learn to write a simple computer operating system on the x86 assembly language. It will explain various aspects like the fundamentals of the PC boot process, assembly language and other important aspects of an operating system.
Do you want to build your own Linux kernel? This is aimed at teaching complete newcomers how to develop their own Linux kernel. Try your hand at it and find the Torvalds in you!
This is a free ebook that will teach you how to develop your own operating system right from the scratch. It covers computer architecture, boot programming, writing and loading your own kernel and many other aspects of the process.
This is a work in progress right now but you can still learn a lot from this resource. You can learn how to make a simple operating system through this resource.
This is a blog that deals with low-level embedded programming concepts. You can learn how to develop a Raspberry Pi kernel through this.

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