It's no joke whenever you exceeds any given limit in life without achieving it's aim, but there is always a second chance so don't give up.

On my last topic under modem unlock tag, i disccussed issue on how to unlock your old/new stubborn modem, and those who followed my instructions got it all right. But some issues came up with few of my readers through mails, they were very frustrated that they exceed the unlock count limit and they taught all hope is lost.

Actually, it's really frustrating. Today's stroll, i would be briefing you on how to reset the count limit of your locked modem.

How to reset the count limit of your locked modem

==>First Download Huawei Modem Unlocker Here
==>Extract the content and run the .exe file inside
==>Click on Refresh. Your modem should be automatically detected so far you checked "AUTO CONNECTION" under connection mode
modem unlock-logo

==>Be sureAuto-Calc Code and Auto-Unlock Modemare both marked
==>Now clickUNLOCK. This should both unlock your modem and reset the counter at the same time
Congratulation! Now you’ve successfully reset “permanently locked” of your Huawei modem to 10 or 5 times again.

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bhama said... 16 February 2015 at 21:50

If anyone was unable to Reset the Unlock Counter through the above method means try any one of the online unlocking service
provider like ProUnlocking.com This service
can be used to reset Huawei models that ask for ?Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key when used with another network sim card.
This happens
when too many wrong unlock codes were entered previously.

Nikki Singh said... 21 April 2015 at 21:16

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