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You are welcome to  Land Base Technology, you must have either  open to read this article because you want to make a positive  change in your life in terms of finance, I want to  let you know that you are about to discover an Amazing Business  and Wealth Creation opportunity that will change your life for good.  Please try as much as possible to read this write up to the end and try to apply action at the end. You can bookmark this page to make it your reference resource page. 
 Lucrative Business Investment Program (LBIP) is a brand new program here in Nigeria which is an advance Business Project run and operated under the umbrella of WEBINAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (W.I.T) initiative. If you an avid reader of this blog, you would have notice the on going Webinar Training Program  which was launch recently in this website with the primary aim of creating a sustainable income generation and Educational training opportunity to the young and old Nigerians and beyond. After launching Webinar Institute of Technology Training Program, a lot of our registered members were so much impress and happy about the way things are organized and run under (W.I.T). It was really a hug success because of the wonderful outcome of the program. Read and Register for Webinar Institute of Technology StarterMembership by clicking HERE.
Along the line, we discover that some of our members find it a little bit difficult in setting up their own online business that will yield high income with minimal effort from their own side, they want an easy and stress free way to quickly make hug profit without much work on their own side. After due considerations and analysis, we have decided to come up with a very easy and better way to pocket in hug profit every month without even putting much effort on your own side and that lead to the creation of LUCRATIVE BUSINESS INVESTMENT PROGRAM. 
LUCRATIVE BUSINESS INVESTMENT PROGRAM (LBIP) otherwise called (LBIP) is a Legitimate and new Business Program which is run and operated under the umbrella of Webinar Institute of Technology with the support of the following Company.
Features of LBIP 
LUCRATIVE BUSINESS INVESTMENT PROGRAM contains the following features:
  1. Ability to create Wealth without much stress
  2. Legitimate Income Generation Opportunity
  3. Fast means to start making money from day one from the comfort of your Home
  4. Ability to invest in a little capital of N4000 and make up toN6000 per a weak depending on how smart you are
  5. Every Tools and resources to make the above stated 4 features possible have been put in place
It is very simple as ABC. Follow the below guideline 
 1. Simply Register into WEBINAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY LUCRATIVE BUSINESS INVESTMENT PROGRAM  by investing small fees as follow
  1. N2000 Starter
  2. N4000 Basic investor
  3. N6000 Premium Investor
  4. N10000 Gold Investor
  5. N20000 Diamond Investor
  6. N40000 Silver Investor
  7. N60000 Junior Manager
  8. N80000 Senior Manager
  9. N100000 Junior Director
  10. N200000 Senior Director
See the chart below click the image to zoom

2.    Once you invest in any of the stated amount  into this program, you are automatically entitled to the following
(a)    One standard Website
(b)   A Promotional Articles
(c)    A Premium Product
(d)   Life Time Access to Webinar Institute of Technology Training Resource
(e)   A basic Monthly salary/Earnings starting from  N1200-N40000
(f)     4% commission of any amount you invest for life
(g)    24 hours technical  life support
(h)   You be entitled to Win a Brand new Laptop, Generator  Ipad, Smart Phone, a Modem  or cash equivalent
(i)      50% commission of any premium any product you sale
Making money online involve you establishing a professional and strong online presence and one way of doing this is through creating a professional website that you will use as a tool for your online business. With your website been fully established, all other business you intend to do online will revolve around it that is while Every Lucrative Business Investment Program (LBIP) Members is entitled to one standard website. Once you invest in as little as N4000 into this program. How it works is that you will chooses your preferred website, meaning that you make your website choice which falls under the below categories 
8.Technology etc.
All we need from you, is for you provide us with the following details: 
   1.Your preferred website details like Area you want your site to be based on as stated above. 
 2.Your preferred Domain Name i.e. your site Address like www.yoursiteaddress.com or www.yoursiteaddress.org or www.yoursitedomain.net. 
  3.We shall build up your website within 5 working Days, together with professional promotional Article (PA) and a standard Premium Product (PP).
4.We shall forward you the login details and other tools which you will use to control your site over there.
We find out that people find it very difficult to come up with well written articles otherwise called blog post that is why for a start depending on the type of LBIP investor you choose to invest in as stated on the diagram above, you will be provided with a well written and Search Engine Optimized article that will make your website Search Engine Friendly and that will rank High on popular Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. With the target of about 300-500 Unique visitor a day, remember that this article will be based on your preferred website niche or area and a deep keyword Research will be done which is  tailored to make your site rank high and attract a hug Potential and Hungry Audience who will be willing to buy anything from you. We shall equally give you other tools that will help you to properly maintained  and keep your website traffic for life. And you know the logic in internet and online Business state that more traffic=Money.

As a means to Properly Educate our investor’s on how this our online Business Module works, once you invest into this life changing program, you are automatically a life time Member of Webinar Institute Of Technology Training Program for life, meaning that you will not be paying a yearly fee of N2000 as a starter member “what a Gold Mind Opportunity”.
Once you invest into this program, we shall not only build a website for you, but we shall equally create an Info-Product for you to sell on your website were you have percentage(% )Commission (ranges from 40 to 75%)of any product  you sale.This is a promise and we make it possible.
To really give you a real time income opportunity to all our investor’s, we are  paying all our investor a monthly salary/profit each month ranging from N1200 (One Thousand and Two Hundred Naira) to N40000 (forty Thousand Naira) by doing a simple Job which we called making a sale or referrer .
When you register with N4000 i.e. Basic investor, you will be entitled to earn a default monthly salary of N1200 (One Thousand and two Hundred naira) that is 30% of your investment capital, if you Register with N20000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) i.e.Diamond investor, you will be earning a default salary/profit of N6000 (six Thousand Naira)  i.e 30% of your Default capital Investment whiles those who Register with N200000 (Two Hundred thousand naira) i.e.Senior Director will be earning a default salary/profit of N40000 (forty Thousand naira) i.e30% of their Default capital Investment.
 See the chart below place the Mouse on it to Zoom in:

You will be paid the above stated salary by doing what will called making a sale or referrer which simply means inviting someone to register as a member Basic investor are expected to invite only 2 People to Register as a Starter Member  to get paid by the end of the month while Premium investor are expected to invite only 3 people to Regisetr as a Starter Member to get paid at the end of the month see the full chart above.Click Here to learn How to refer People, in summary if you  invest in N4000 you will earn N1200 at the End of the Month as a default Salary, Invest N6000 earn N1800, invest N10000 earn N3000 invest N20000 earn N6000 invest N400000 earn N12000, invest N600000 earn N140000, invest N800000 earn N240000, invest N200000 earn N400000 see the chart above.  You can increase your monthly earnings by inviting more people per a month, example if you are Basic investor and you invite more than 2 people per month let say you invite 5 people per month you will earn additional N500 for each additional person you invite and it will be included on your monthly Salary and this is were the main passive income comes in .
 If you register as a Basic Investor and you refer or invite  5 people per month  to Register as Starter Member you will earn N2700 and if you invite 10 people you will earn N5200, invite 15 per month you will earn N7700. Note that the commission analysis is apply to all Investors .Call 081363676446 for more  information and clarification:
What If I could not meet up my referrer target at a particular month.
If you could not meet  up your referrer target, your monthly salary or earnings shall be carry over  to the next Month call 08136367446 for more details. 
Once you invest into this program, you are entitled to 4% Commission of your Investment Capital each 3 month, meaning that  if you invest N4000 by 3 Month you will earn additional 4% Commission which is N160 without even referring or making any sales, invest N40000 by 3 month you will earn 4% i.e. N1600 and so on.
Yes you can you can decide to end your investment program anytime once you have been paid 3 consecutive times by us, meaning that once you have received or earn 3 month salary from us, you can request for the termination of the program if you want to. Reason for this condition is for you to see how this program work and how much more you can make passive income without doing much work within the short possible time limit.
Whenever you decided not to participate in this program, a Compulsory N3500 fee will be deducted by your main capital and the rest will be given back to you together with your interest and other benefit. The Compulsory N3500 deduction fee charge from your capital comprise of your Webinar Institute Of Technology Life time Registration fee of N2000, while the N1500 fee charge is for your site and other material you will be given for participating in the program, so if you register as Basic investor which is N4000 you will be given back N500 together with your interest after we must have paid you 3 times as stated above, if you invest N10000,you will be given back N6500 together  with 4% interest and the condition apply to all Investors , call 08136367446 for more details.
You have your website your website for life. The only thing you will be doing is to pay for Domain Renewal Fee every year together with Hosting cost which is not up to $50 per a year. Remember that for the first one year of Registering into this program you will not pay any additional fee to keep your site functioning, we have already taken care of that, you will concentrate yourself in making pure profit and creating both PA and PP for the next one year and when the time of renewing the Domain and Hosting we shall equally give you all the Necessary Human assistance to help you out. Call 08136367446 for more details.
You equally have free access to Webinar Institute of Technology Resource for a life time.

By investing into this program, you have our 24 Hours Technical phone Calls and Email Support meaning that you can call or email us anytime whenever you have problem or challenge. 

How do I win this amazing price?.
It very simple, you invest into this program by registering into any of the investor category as follows:
  1. Basic investor(N4000)
  2. Premium Investor(N6000)
  3. Gold Investor(N10000)
  4. Diamond Investor(N20000)
  5. Silver Investor(N40000)
  6. Junior Manager(N60000)
  7. Senior Manager(N80000)
  8. Junior Director(N100000)
  9. Senior Director(N200000).
 Refer up to 80 people within six month of your registration, automatically you will be qualify to win either Laptop, Smartphone, Generator, Ipad or Cash Equivalent. Our Big time investors who register with N80000, N100000, N200000 is qualify to win any of the above named prices within 3 month of successful payment of monthly salary/earnings by us.
How To Win A Brand New Modem

Refer up to 30 People to register as a Starter Membership Program within the space of 2 month. Once you have done that, you will automatically be qualified to win a brand new Internet Modem of your preferred network with 1 Month free Internet Subscription plan.
Note that your referrer must register as a Starter Membership Level. Call 08136367446 for more details:
Note: We giving you the above amazing gift price does not mean that you cannot afford it, but it is just a way of us showing you gratitude and appreciating you for doing Business with us. Remember that your monthly salary or other additional earning you attract is quite different from the above mention gift items.
You will be entitled to a percentage Commission Ranges from 40% to 75%  of any product you sold on your website.this percentage commission is base on the type of investor you are, see the chart above. Example if you sale a product worth of N3000 you will get instant N1500commission for premium Investor, if you sold a product worth N5000 you will get instant N2500 commission  deposited direct into your bank Account.
 The above nine solid Benefit and more other exclusive benefit is what we are willing and ready to give to you if you take a decisive decision action to invest in this wonderful and legitimate program.
Other explanation on the Diagram includes:
Product List
Your product list is what you will have when you invest in any of our investor category. Your product list will be based on the amount you invest in, look at the chart below: 
Product list Terms:
PA means Product Article
PP means Premium Product
Investors Job
This simply means the task you are expected to accomplish within a month. Your Job type will be based on the type of Category of investor you are: example Basic Investor are expected to refer only 2 people to Starter Member per month to get paid by us at the end of each Month while Premium Investor will only refer 3 people to Register as a Starter Member to get paid by us at the end of each month, the list continue in that other see the chart below or call 08136367446 for more details and clarifications.

Special Note
All Investor Categories under  

  1. Basic investor(N4000)
  2. Premium Investor(N6000)
  3. Gold Investor(N10000)
  4. Diamond Investor(N20000)
  5. Silver Investor(N40000)
  6. Junior Manager(N60000)
  7. Senior Manager(N80000)
  8. Junior Director(N100000)
  9. Senior Director(N200000).

 Are expected to Invite or refer only Starter Members to register under them.  That is Basic to Senior Manager are expected to refer only Starter Members to get paid each Month. Call 08136367446 for more details and clarification. 
Some Frequently Ask Questions:
Is this Program Legitimate?
Yes, it is 100% Legitimate
Can I trust you with my money?
Yes, you can confident trust us with your money, any penny you invest in will yield product for you.
What if I already have a website?
If you have a functioning website of your own, you can equally participate. Call 0813637446 for more details:
Is this program meant for outside Country?
No, this program is currently meant for only Nigerians.
When Will I get paid?
We Pay our Investor’s both monthly Salary and any Additional Earnings they Generated by every 30th of the Month. Note that instant commission and winning items are given or paid instantly whenever the investor wins or sale a Product.
Who  can invest or can register Into This Program

A Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist
An Accountant, a Banker
A student
An Engineer

A Policeman
School Lever 
A Youth Corper
The basic thing is that you must want to generate extra income.
other Category of people that can participate are
  1. A Graduate, 
  2. Under Graduate, 
  3. School Drop Out, 
  4. Businessman,
  5. Employed workers, 
  6. self Employed, 
  7. Unemployed Youth, 
  8. Politicians,   
  9.  clergy etc.
Why must my referrers register as a starter Membership instead of other Investor Category?
The reason why Investor starting from Basic to Senior Manager are expected to Refer only Starter Members to get paid each Month is for us to formally train your referred friend on how this internet business work within the space of 3 Month, another reason is for your referrer to see how much more he or she can make within the shortest possible time, and to equally give him or her an opportunity to refer more people and earn instant commission of N500 per referrer that is why Starter Members  has the privilege to refer any person to register into any investor categories. Note that after 3 Month, your referrer can upgrade to any other investor category by paying a switching or upgrading fee of N3000 together with investor category fee he or she want to switch to.
If your invited friend decides to upgrade his or her account into Basic investor, he is expected to pay N5000 while if he or she decides to upgrade into Premium Investor he or she will pay N7000. Call 08136367446
Note that the person you refer can equally refer more people to register under him or her. Your referrer can refer any person to register for any of the Investor Category once he or she is under Starter Membership Level.  But once he or she upgrade to other Investor Category i.e. from Basic Investor to Senior Manager he or she is limited to refer only Starter Members to get paid at the end of each month and this condition is applicable to all investors starting from Basic Investor to Senior Manager.
In Summary,
1.All Starter Members can refer any person to register as any of the Investor Categories starting from Starter Member to Senior Manager
2.All Investors Category Starting from Basic Investor to Senior Manager is Expected to refer only Starter Member to get paid at the end of each month. See the chart above to learn how many people each investor Category is expected to refer to get paid at the end of each month.
3. Basic investor to Senior Manager can refer more people once he or she meet up his or her referrer target and you will be paid a commission of N500 per additional referrer you generate each month.
4.Starter Members are expected to pay extra N3000 Upgrading fee to switch to any Investor Category starting from Basic to Senior Manager while Basic Investor to Senior Manager is expected to pay only N2000 switching or upgrading fee. 
 Example if you are Basic Investor who wishes to upgrade or switch into Premium Investor, you will pay extra N4000 and it applies to all investors. Note that your initial Capital Investment is subtracted from your switching Investor Categories to determine your extra investor payment fee i.e. you pay N4000 as a Basic Investor and you want to Switch to Premium Investor subtract N4000 from N6000 which is the Capital Investment of Premium Investor you will be left with only N2000 add N2000 which is the switching or upgrading fee charge you will have N4000. This calculation is applicable to all Investor that you want to switch or upgrade to and Starter Members are equally calculated the same way. 
Call 08136367446 for more information and clarifications.
What if I am not being referred by any Person?
If you are not being refer by any person i.e. you here about our program through our Websites  and Online Channels or we actually introduce you into the program, you can register into for any of the investor Categories. Call 08136367446 for more info.
What is the basic Qualification one must have?
You don’t need to have any technical skills or to have a special qualification for you to invest into this program, anyone with the below skills can apply.
Ability to read and write ability to browse the internet, ability to communicate in simple English  Basic computing skills on MS-world will be an Added Advantaged.
What If I don’t have or possess any of the Basic skills you mention above
If you don’t have any of the basic skills we mention and you still want to participate in this program, you will be given a special e-report Resume training that will get you started.
Must I have a computer or Laptop before I can participate in this program?
No, for a beginner’s level, you don’t need to have a laptop, your brain and commitment is all we need from you as a beginner, but if you have a laptop of your own, it will be added advantage.
What type of Gadget do I need to have for a start?
For a start, what we need from you is just to get a mobile phone that can browse or access the internet example: C1, C2, Blackberry, Symbian Phone, Smartphones, Android Phone,  tablet etc. any of the listed mobile device can do.
Why Do I need to have a website/blog of my own before participating in this program?
Having your own website/ Blog will make you to have an edge and to have the ability to create wealth in a short run, it equally give you a winning power to refer somebody, it is a tool that will open a lot of doors and opportunities  to earn great, you will be taught and nurtured how to create exceptional online and offline income stream on your own using your website/blog through W.I.T resource Trainings, lastly, your website/Blog is one of the tangible asset you have for investinginto this program.
Do I need to come down to where the company is to register for this program?
No, you don’t need to come down to our company office to Register for this program, every Registration is done and facilitated online through Phone calls, Emails , Chart etc. and any other possible means. But if for any other reason it seems that you need to come down to our office, we shall book up an appointment and received you with open mind.
If you have any further Question which is not cover above Call us on 08136367446 or send us an email to worldbasecommunicationtech@gmail.com
If you are interested and you want to get started, click HERE and follow the instruction to register.
Our Guarantee
The Guarantee we will give any of our investor’s is that making money either online or offline will no longer be a problem and any time you feel that you are no longer comfortable with the Business Module; you will get your investment capital back couple with interest and a life time Access to Webinar Institute Of Technology Resource. This is our Guarantee, if you feel that you are not comfortable with the Term and Condition of this  Business Module , then I think you should close this browser now and look somewhere else, but if you want to take a positive step and  you really want to make a positive different today in your financial life, then quickly Register Today to start Earning Immediately.
For More Information and Clarification, use the following Medium to get to us.
Note That
Every human being has four endowments
This gives us the ultimate human freedom and the power to choose, to respond and to change.
Quote source: Stephen R. Covey, the 7 Habit of High Effective people

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