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Good day my faithful readers, Today is quite a lovely and enjoyeable day for PC users. I would be briefing you guys on the setup about the MTN free Browsing tweak for PC users.

I am deeply sorry for not updating you guys on free browsing Tips and tricks, but never too worry because I am back again with hand full with tricks.

Before I proceed to today's stroll for the month, I would encourage you guys to be connected by joining our daily email readers to get updated. and those of you who have not yet verify your email, try to verify your email for our unique info I give to my Email Subscribers.

How to setup MTN free browsing Tweak on your PC

Step 1: First visit http://your-freedom.de

NB: Once you visit the site as mentioned above, don't forget to register an account with them and get your username and password.

Step 2 Then at the homepage of the website, you'd see were to download the latest version of your-freedom program, then download and install on your PC.

Step 3: After Installation, then you can now proceed the below setup on your PC.

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#1... First click on configure
#2... Then input ems02.your-freedom.de or ems19.your-freedom.de on the server address tab and for port 53.
#3... On the connection mode drop down, select Tweak Nigeria MTN as the DNS
#4... Then, for the option select, just select/tick, 1,3,7,6 then leave the rest untouched.
#5... Then, navigate to account tab and input your registration info which includes your username and password. Then save and minimize.

After you've proceeded the above setup successfully, you can now connect your dongle/modem or wireless router with default MTN configuration settings, then move back to the your-freedom program and click Start.

How to Activate the tweak to work on your browser

Now that the setup above is proceeded, the final step to take is to activate our browser with a brief setup. Be it Mozilla firefox, Opera or chrome browser.

Final setup: On your browse, move to settings and then hover to network (setting) , Then, remember to tick on the box that say's related thing like Use manual settings then input as the adress and 8080 for port. Save the settings and start blazing.
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Anonymous said... 16 May 2014 at 12:49

Is it still working as at 16th of may 2014?

Onyema shedrach said... 17 May 2014 at 04:05

yaa it is still working

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