This is not a new tweak, the post has been made for it on this blog for long in which i guess that most of our readers are still enjoying it. Just to notify you that Your-Freedom VPN with Etisalat Sim still blazing well on both PC and Android mobile phones, so no much story.

To Enjoying Free Browse On Your Android Device

    Open free account here http://www.your-freedom.net
    Download Your-freedom software to your Android device here
    Install your-freedom software to your phone.
    Launch it and Configure it thus;
    Server Connection: ems03.your-freedom.de
    Port: 53
    TWEAKS: Nigeria Etisaat
     Go back to: Proxy Settings
     Proxy Address: 0.facebook.com
    Click on START CONNECTION on your-freedom.
    Open any browser on your phone and start browsing free.

To Enjoying Free Browse On Your PC

    Download the latest Your-freedom VPN to your PC here if you don’t install it yet.
    Install and run as Administrator then click Configure;
    ADDRESS: ems18.your-freedom.de
    Port: 53
    TWEAKS: Nigeria Etisalat
    Mark: 3,5,7,9
    Then minimum buffer size:1500
    Reconnection delay: 5000
    Initial post size: 10000000
    Minimum: 20000
    Ftp Mode: both
    SSL Protocol: Any
     Now, Click Account Information
    Input the Username and Password you obtained from their website.
    Save and exit.
    Then go to the Ports and untick Web Proxy Port then input: 6050 or 6052 and tick back.
    That's all, remember to Untick back Web Proxy Port after you inserted your port.

Configure Your Browser Like thus:

    Proxy: and Port: 6050 or 6052 depending on the one you input in Your-Freedom
    APN: etisalat
    Save and hit the connect button.

If you are enjoying their services and you are not satisfied with the speed of 64kbit/s allocated to free account, then it is better to upgrade your account for unlimited. The free account only allows 2hours for use on PC  while on Android phones, it can disconnect at any time.

Your-freedom has 3 different premium package in which you can choose according to size of the amount in your pocket, check out this link for the details of their premium package: http://www.your-freedom.de/index.php?id=account
Your-freedom also give room for 1hrs premium account testing before consider upgrading, check out this link to activate and test their premium package for just an hour: http://www.your-freedom.de/index.php?id=154

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