Few days ago, Blackberry
roll out an amazing OS update here that permit BB10
users to install Apk files. In order words, if you are
using BB10, you can now install all android

applications on your smart phone without you having
an android phone.
What you need to do is to upgrade your Blackberry
10 Os to 10.2.1while your finger crossed watching
the miracle turning your smart phone into a device.

The new BB10 Os 10.2.1 comes with an amazing
features far better than the previous. So if you are
still using Curve, touch, bold5,6 and the rest of
them, it's high time you consider switching to BB10
with a longer battery life.

Where Can I Find Android Apps For My
There are many third party website where you can
get an android app for you bb device as listed below;

==> ApkTrain
( url:
http://m.apktrain.com/ )

==> prince_olaoluwa maker

How Can I Install apk Files On My Blackberry?

==>Download from any of the third party site above
from your blackberry.

==>Install the apk file on your blackberry. Your
Android app should start installing after a short
"Processing" indicator. Tap the Install button in the
top right, and tap Accept on the pop-up window
which informs you of the device permissions that are
required for the app to run.
Even instagram works perfectly on Blackberry 10
While you are still battling with data usage on your
android device, why don't you consider getting a
blackberry 10 device since it now allow you to install
all Android app and simply make use of BB10
So what are you still waiting for?

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