I am here toady to teach you how you can enjoy your unlimited megabytes or gigabytes, not only browsing nd downloading make you enjoy your money, watching live streams is also among

Let's Get Started on the Above Topic!
NOTE: This Tutorial is meant for Symbian  and Java Phone Users!

STEP 1: Open your Phone REAL PLAYER, Press Options >> Settings, Then click on STREAMING >> PROXY [set it as NO], press back and click on NETWORK [use the Settings below]...
==> Choose  the name of Settings you are using to browse e.g Glo flat, Etisalat Wap, MTN Access or Zain.
 ==> Online time - (unlimited) Lowest UDP Port 6970 Highest UDP Port 32000 Save and lets go to the next step.

STEP 2: Use your Opera Mini or Web Browser to Open http://www.yamgo.com,
STEP 3: Scroll down to ONLINE TV GUIDES,
STEP 4: Choose your favorite category, as shown in the above screenshot.
STEP 5:  After clicking it, the Stations will Come up!
STEP 6: Click on any Station you like, Then  the image will come up with Play logo, Click on it and it will automatically open your Real Player.
Now you can begin to enjoy Watching live Stations with ease! Music, Sports, News and Others!

Live Streaming TV Applications
For Symbian v3&5 Phones only.
» Download SPB Live Streaming Mobile TV
» Download Aljazeera  Live Streaming Mobile TV
» Download France 24  Live Streaming Mobile TV

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