It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to this bright new day and a happy new year to all. It has been quite a while now since we posted some freebies in this site, so toady in this brief tutorial I will show you little trick that will make you to call any network with your NTN line at the same rate. Note that this trick works well before the time of posting it here in this site.

General Note:
It is obvious that when you call other network like GLO or Etisalat with MTN line, the network provider tend to charge more VAT rate than when you call MTN 2 MTN. take for instance, if you call Airtel Line, you may be Charge N30 Per Minute while if you call MTN 2 MTN you may be charge between N 15.00 to N 20.00 per minute. The major reason for this charge is do to the fact that MTN want you to remain their Loyal Customer at the same time exploiting you by way of programmining their server to increase your VAT rate when you Make calls to other network. But today in this website, we shall give you a three line of code that will trick or blind fold the Database and server of MTN which will force it to see other Networks like GLO or Airtel as their own line and in turn MTN will charge the same Rate to other network. The code can equally allow you to use your MTN Bonus to call other network.  So let get started.
1.     Gate the MTN Line you wish to trick the code on
2.     Recharge the Sim with Small Amount of Money like N 100.00
3.     Gate the Number you want to call let say Etisalat 080767455833
4.     Add #555 after the number example: 080767455833#555 and send it.
Once you the recipient pick up the call, the same rate MTN charge you when you call MTN 2 MTN line will be deducted. Try this trick and Enjoy when while the Code still last. Appreciate this post by commenting below. 
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