I had never thought of helping some people unlock their restricted modem until one of our members asked me to help him unlock his mtn huawei modem E303, because i thought you guys have learned how to take care of any restricted modem but i have decided to help you guys.

I don't have much to say about this but i want you guys to know that i will do what ever i can to provide and help you in any possible way i can.

I have never asked you to pay me anything to provide any stuff including free browsing cheats and i will never ask you, what i like is just thank you and sharing our post to Facebook and twitter using sharing button below  nothing more.

So what are we saying, if you still have any locked modem (ZTE and HUAWEI) you can post the Name model and Imei number let me help you unlock it for you.

What is Modem Unlocking and why you have to unlock your modem:
In case if you don't understand what i meant by Unlocking your modem i simply mean having full access and can be able to use what ever network you wish to use like MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT

A locked modem is a modem lock in one particular network, that is to say you will not be able to use it with other network which might be inconvenient to you, that is why you need to unlock it and be able to use any network that pleases you.

You can actually unlock your modem in 2 ways which is either by installing unlocking software on your PC/laptop and plug you modem and unlock it or by generating the unlocking code to unlock it.

SO let me have your Modem NAME and IMEI and i will help you unlock it or if you have a pc and wish to install the unlocking software then let me know i will provide the link for you.

First come first serve!

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Onyema Shedrach said... 20 November 2013 at 13:11

Note that this offer last till 30 Nexth Month. So just drop ur Email ID And Ur Modem ID.

Anonymous said... 25 November 2013 at 08:55

Modem Name:
Etisalat ZTE
IMei no.:
PLS,,,,, Help me unlock it.....

Onyema Shedrach said... 26 November 2013 at 04:59

Anonymous check ur email.

Anonymous said... 28 November 2013 at 04:16

My Email: james56@gmail.com

Anonymous said... 19 December 2013 at 04:08

Nice information really useful for those who want to unlock their Modem from network lock. However i got my Huawei E173 Modem unlocked from network lock at SimpleUnlocking.com here they helped me to unlock my Huawei Modem using code .

Onyema shedrach said... 19 December 2013 at 21:13

Priya thanks 4 stoping by

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