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Lot of my viewers keep posting comments on how to upgrade their VPN which I mostly failed to respond them, this because I don't like giving people fish but I like to train them how to catch fish, since then am searching for the simplest and the best way for everybody to upgrade their VPN to premium. Today I am happy to tell my lovely viewers in Nigeria that i have found one best VPN reseller website which you can use to upgrade your VPN with Naira. What you need is to pay the required little money into their bank account and they will help you upgrade your account to premium.

Am sure we all still surfing free with Etisalat via DroidVPN on our Android Mobile Phone, now it is time to enjoy PD-Proxy on our system with this same Etisalat line.
To Browse Unlimited With Etisalat On PC Via PD-Proxy
  • Download and install PD-Proxy from the following link; http://www.pdproxy.com/index.htm 
  • Register for a username and password on the above site 
  • You must buy their premium plan, or else PD-Proxy won’t work for you at all (to buy their plan, you can try www.vpnvouchers.net It is just #650 to upgrade. 
  • Launch PD-Proxy, insert your username and password 
  • Choose UDP as your connection mode, and Set the port to 53
  Connect your Modem Using 
  • APN: etisalat 
  • Start the software and wait for it to write Successfully connected to server! 
  • Goto open your Browser and Select NO PROXY 
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