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New Glo Bis
Plan Now
working On PC/
Android with
default Settings

.....What is the
Code for GloBlackberry
Complete Plan?

To subscribe for one
month plan (3Gigs), text
to 777



To subscribe for one
weekplan (700MB), text
"BBCWeek" to 777



How Much is Glo
Blackberry Complete Plan?

One month Glo Blackberry
Complete plan
costs N1,000 while one
week plan costsN400.

What's GloBlackberry Absolute

The Glo Blackberry
Absolute plan offers
subscribers full access to
BBM, internet browsing,
blackberry app world,
Blackberry Protect 3rd
party apps and
integration of up to 10
third party email address
as well as @

What is the Code for
GloBlackberry Absolute

To subscribe for one
monthplan (3Gigs), text
"BBAMonth" to 777



To subscribe for one
weekplan (700MB), text
"BBAweek" to 777



How Much is Glo Blackberry
Absolute Plan?

One month
Glo BB Absolute plan
costs N1,500 while one
week plan costs N500.

How To Check balanceof
to 777
to check the usage
status ofyour current
You will
receive a text containing
info on how many MB you
have left on your GloBIS.

NOTE:You cannot renew
the old BIS plans using
the new codes. If you try
it, you will receive "sorry,
you are not allowed to
make this change. Kindly
choose another data
plan" as a response via
text message.
Allow the
old plan to expiry and
subscribe manually using
the new codes.

Ensure you use the new
Glo BIS keywords to
benefit from the new rates
and pricing.

For more help and
information, please call
Glo BB Customer
Care on 333.

Plans are available for
both Prepaid and Postpaid

Source: Glo Official Site

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