Buys Nokia,
Nokia have sold
it's handset unit
to the Software
giant Microsoft
for $7.2 billion

This occurrence is of
course inevitable
seeing how software
companies are
increasingly moving into
the hardware
market so as to have
total control on the
hardware to uses its
software, something
Apple did long time ago
and paying off.

Google and Microsoft who
just in recent
times totally picked up on
the school of
thought of Apple have
seen that controlling
both the hardware that
runs its software is
the way to go now.
Well, Microsoft have
totally demonstrated that
school of though again by
Nokia's handset division
for $7.2 billion.

Also, Nokia would license
some of its patents to
Microsoft to allow for
freely usage of these

Nokia directors and
shareholders had these
to say in a statement
made by Risto Siilastmaa,
chairman, Nokia board of
directors .

"We believe this
transaction is the best
forward for Nokia and its

What matters most to the
consumer is how
this acquisition will benefit
the consumer
in terms of phone design
and overall user

Do you think this act is good for nokia users?

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