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I want to Formerly Introduce VPN Browsing Trick In this Website. You may Ask Yourself whet VPN means, it simply means group of Software and IT specialist Organization/company that provide Some Free browsing bypassing protocol to it numerous client all over the Globe. at our subsequent tutorial we shall explain more on VPN Network

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It is no more news that Mtn has blocked the allowance of tethering "blackberry.net" on Bis and also no more a new thing about VPN softwares, most of us have been using different VPN to power up their blackberry plan or to browse freely, I just want to introduce you to Tweakwarevpn which you can use with Mtn blackberry plans to browse and download unlimitedly on your PC.
Tweakwarevpn is one of the best; it is a fast and secure VPN services. It is one of the most affordable VPN service online and you can easily upgrade your Tweakwarevpn account to premium with Naira by using the link in the below instruction.

To Use Tweakwarevpn With Mtn Blackberry Plans In Nigeria All You Need To Do Is:
  • Subscribe for the blackberry Daily/Weekly/Monthly plan [Skip this if you have an active blackberry plan]. (Other networks will come later)
  • Configure your modem thus; Apn - blackberry. net || Password/username: web  
  • Click here to download tweakware software
  • Unzip the downloaded files with your computer
  • If you do not have .NET framework installed on your Computer/Laptop, you can download it from here. If you use Windows 7 and 8, is already in your system so don't bother to download it.
  • Use the following link to create a tweakware account; http://www.tweakwarevpn.net/index.php?action=register
  • Now click on the Tweakware software you just unzipped, it is that small green software. Click on Settings and input your Username and Password.
  • Tick R.Port For Connect and input 500 as in the screenshot below:
  • Click on Main, and click on UDP. You can change your server any time you feel that the speed is slow by clicking on Select Server & Protocol as in the screenshot below:
  • Install tap drivers if you have not installed them before. Click on Utilities, then click on Install Tap 32 Adapter
  • You need a premium account at N500 per month, I paid this amount into the bank account of the reseller agent quoted on Tweakware website. Click here to see more detail on how to make payment. 
  • Click on Connect and Enjoying Unlimited browsing and downloading!
Browser's Setting: 
Choose No proxy or Automatic. Depending on Browser because it runs every application that need internet connection!
For Firefox user choose: No Proxy

Note: This software can also be use on your Android mobile phone with one premium account. The tutorial will be post for it very soon.

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